How to buy Effexor online

Effexor XR is the extended release version of the antidepressant Effexor. Both medication serves to restore the natural chemical balance in the brain and thus help battle the effect of depression and anxiety. This version, Effexor XR is popular because it slowly releases a dosage of the drug, making it longer lasting so you don't have to be bound to as strict a dosage schedule. Effexor XR otherwise works the same way as Effexor and can be bought in the same manner.

Effexor XR is best bought through a pharmacy with your doctor's prescription and a pharmacist on hand to walk you through the dosing instructions-when to take it, what to take with it, and what to avoid; in short, someone to go over what your doctor went over again to make sure you understand it. Any pharmacy is going to be able to provide this prescription for you and you may even be able to get some help paying for it through your health insurance.

Buying it through your pharmacy is also the safest way to do it as your pharmacist will be able to get your dosages correct and you won't have to decipher your doctor's writing yourself in order to get the correct dosage. Buying your prescription through the pharmacy will also limit any chance of abuse as you won't be able to get anymore than you were prescribed.

However, if buying from a pharmacy is not an option, you can find this drug at numerous online pharmacies. This is a way to get the drug cheaper than in walk in pharmacies and you can have them delivered anonymously to your door. Buying drugs online isn't as safe as doing it from a pharmacy however; you can never be quite certain of what you're getting and there exists the chance for abuse since you can order as much or as little as you like with very little restriction. There are also some pharmacies which don't require a prescription and though this may seem good on the outside, one should always be wary of a company that doesn't ask for this information as it could be that you'll be getting ripped off. Finally of course there is always the chance for identity theft to occur when you are ordering anything online. However, buying Effexor XR through an online pharmacy is very convenient and often cheaper than buying through a drug store, so it is an appealing route to go when buying your medication. There are also some online pharmacies which are legitimate; just be sure to do your research before buying.

Effexor XR should always be prescribed; you should not get it without a doctor overseeing you since it is a strong antidepressant and each person reacts differently to it. The side effects and potential dangers are the same as Effexor if it is not medicated properly. You should never simply use someone else's prescription as it may be too strong or too weak for your body to handle and this can lead to health problems. This is another reason why you should try to buy your medication through a drug store rather than online or over the phone; you can never be quite as certain about what you're getting. However, if you have to buy online, it can be a very convenient way to get your medications and provide a level of privacy. Either option can work fine with care; the important thing is to get what you need in order to help you become healthy again.