Effexor Lawsuits

Effexor is one of the drugs used for treating mental imbalances such as depression, anxiety and mood of suicide. It is also known as Venlafaxine. Effexor is one of the "Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors" (SSRIs). Serotonin, a chemical in the brain, is responsible for the mood of a person. Effexor does this job, besides increasing the level of norepinephrine also, in the brain. Because of this character, it is also known as "Serotonin norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor" (SNRI). If one suffers harmful effects due to use of Effexor, that person can have a lawsuit. However, before filing a suit, the affected person should evaluate the legal rights that make one eligible for the same.

Across the United States, many lawsuits have targeted SSRI drugs. The main reason for this has been the attempts for suicide or suicide itself, committed by the patients using the SSRI drugs. There have also been claims against damages caused by SSRI users due to their violent behavior. Many shooting incidents which had taken place in the premises of schools were attributed to SSRI use by adolescents. Women can take the help of litigation if they beget children with birth defects due to their using SSRIs during their pregnancy. They also can file suit if their children have infant diseases, provided they have used SSRIs when they were pregnant.

It is pertinent to know that the manufacturer of Effexor was reprimanded once for their misleading advertisement giving wrong information on the safety of their product. The manufacturer's warning about the side effects of this drug is one of the issues in Effexor litigation. This drug was approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the year 2004. The approval holds good for the usage of Effexor as a medicine to treat depression and anxiety. At the same time, FDA issued a warning the next year that Effexor can evoke suicidal thoughts and advised close monitoring of all patients using Effexor for treatment. Adolescents are more prone to the harmful effects listed above. The FDA's concern included the other side effects of Effexor too, such as birth defects, pulmonary disorders in the infant stage and coronary artery diseases.

If you or any of your family members have suffered damages due to use of Effexor, you are eligible to claim compensation against the injuries caused by this drug. However, your approach for making the claim will have a set of procedures. As the first step you have to get your case evaluated by an Effexor attorney. This attorney will tell you if your case is justified to file an Effexor lawsuit. There is a time limit for bringing this lawsuit. Therefore, early you consult an attorney, more the chances for your getting into it. You should also give enough time for your Effexor lawyer to prepare the case, taking care that it does not exceed the time limit set by your state of jurisdiction. The attorney will decide the place of filing the suit and also the defendants.

Taking up the case on your own may not be advisable, as this is a specialized area of law. Moreover, large companies are capable of over-running the affected persons or their inexperienced lawyers. Therefore, it is better for you to engage an experienced Effexor attorney to act on your behalf. A much better settlement is possible through these lawyers even in the case of your capability to stand alone. Now, you would like to know about the source that could provide information about such experienced attorneys. The best way is to browse on the internet or you can directly visit the site 'AttorneyPages.com'.

Here you can find a number of drug liability specialists who are available in your own area. You can also post your case by filling in the 'Case Evaluation Form'. Once you have posted your case, a law firm handling Effexor cases will get in touch with you to discuss further on this. These formalities are free of charges. From this stage onwards, you have nothing to do except following the advices of your lawyer until verdict is delivered by the jury.